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WANNA BE ON TOP?The Mobario On-Top-Widget Keeps You Always Active

  • Stay connected at any time, on all apps
  • Consume content while interacting with any other app
  • Earn more with extended monetization options
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We pay per every install of your app: $50-$100 per 1000 Installs -> USA; $10 per 1000 Installs -> non-USA

This is our On-Top Bonus plan!!!
When you reach: 
25,000 installs -> $100 Bonus
50,000 installs -> $250 Bonus
100,000 installs -> $600 Bonus
5 Facts about Mobario:
1.  Mobario's Plugin will keep your users 4X longer in your app
2.  Allows your users to multi-task with other apps on their device while in your app
3.  Saves development time for you (the developer)
4.  Works with Unity, B4A, and others

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How it works

Add Value Enhance the mobile experience

  • Add a personalized media space on top of any active app
  • Interact effortless with friends and content, all the time on all apps
  • Stay connected with your favorite sources 24/7

Monetize New media real estate on top of every app

  • Increased accessibility to web search using your favorite engine
  • Offer new apps and deals on our Offer Wall
  • Display smart ads and paid content

About us


Mobario developed the On-Top-Widget, which enables mobile users to stay connected to their favorite content and social networks, at any time and on top of any app.

The On-Top-Widget enhances the mobile experience, allowing you to consume favorite content while interacting with any other app, i.e update your Facebook status, tweet, read news from ESPN/CNN/CNET or monitor stock quotes while composing an email, watching a video on the YouTube app or playing Angry Birds Star Wars – without the need to switch between the apps!
Mobario adds a customizable, always-on media space to the screen, running on top of any app,


displaying content updates and information from various sources. The On-Top-Widget is fully interactive, allowing users to engage with the content they’re reading, on top of the active app in the foreground.
App developers can leverage their app by integrating Mobario SDK in their mobile apps. Maximize their user engagement, benefit from a new revenue stream with the Mobario search bar, offer wall and Ad icons, which are active at any time, even when their own app is idle and join our vast app discovery network.
Mobario is a privately held company venture-backed by The Time Innovation Incubator.